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    SMARTER U. Category I CME Approved and meets all LSO qualifications. *
    8am until 5pm

    In todays’ world, it is important to work smarter and not just harder. There are only so many
    hours in the day and so many patient treatment spots available. Smarter U. builds from the
    basics or light and energy based concepts to show proven ways to reduce and streamline
    patient evaluation, patient treatment, patient recovery. We focus on how to combine the
    technologies within your office to get the best and safest outcome for your patient in the
    shortest visit time and the fewest combined visits.

    Most offices have several modalities that range from a nice array of cosmeceuticals to several
    energy based devices with chemical peels, microneedling, and dermaplaning to complete the
    mix. There has not been a source to help practices mix technologies and modalities with the
    best of speed, outcome, and safety.

    Medical Laser Dynamics has 29 years of experience around the world with the best practices
    using virtually all the devices available in the marketplace today both in the US and abroad.
    That allows MLD and Smarter U. to bring you the ‘pearls of wisdom’ from those thriving
    businesses to use in your facility without any possible manufacturer bias.

    Many of MLD’s clients see an average reduction of 22% in patient block time required for
    treatment allowing for more treatments during the day. And, and average of 24% reduction in
    the number of treatments required for many of the hottest procedures.

    Great, safe, fast, smarter outcomes so you can make more with what you already have and
    reduce risk at the same time. Individual practices pay thousands of dollars to have Smarter U.
    come to them. You can come to an open forum for the same concepts at a much lower price.
    You drive the discussions and you learn from the other attendees along with the first-class
    curriculum offered.

    See you soon at Smarter U.
    *Per MN and ANSI Z136.1 guidelines

$500.00 per Attendee
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